One of the rapidly growing areas of technology is sales and it’s a great chance for recent grads to get their foot in the door while learning all about the industry. To find out more about it, we asked what is software innovation the team at Dell to tell us what you can expect from working as part of a technology sales team. The national average salary of a general salesperson is $60,421 per year in the United States.

  1. Above all, your job is to find the right solutions for the right organizations or people, and that means long-term relationship building.
  2. Tech sales offers a competitive starting salary and the opportunity to learn about the business world while advancing professionally.
  3. Here, we’ll cover the basics of tech sales, the pros and cons of working in this industry, and how you can kickstart a career in tech sales in 2023.

In other words, knowing the bells and whistles of a product or service is half the battle. You also need to uncover your customers’ needs and communicate how you can alleviate their pain points. A tech sales representative is a professional who sells tech or scientific solutions to organizations. Next, let’s dive deeper into the role of a tech sales representative.

What is Technology Sales?

Typical deal sizes can range from $50k-$150k recurring annually. As with any career, there are also disadvantages to tech sales jobs. The highest position on a sales team is the vice president of sales. The VP of sales is responsible for overseeing the entire sales team, including onboarding new customers or representatives to developing new sales strategies. VPs typically present sales information to key stakeholders within the organization and work closely with finance teams to set goals.

What trends drive sales productivity today?

Tech sales refers to selling technology as a product or service. Tech sellers typically offer technological solutions to customers’ problems in the form of software, hardware, or information technology (IT) services. To state the obvious, tech sales professionals need to know the ins and outs of the technology they sell. However, the industry is always evolving, along with the products in it. A lot of tech companies will post jobs that require some software sales experience, even for entry-level roles. This creates a barrier that prevents talented reps from other industries from even applying, Jordan said.

MQL vs. SQL: What Are They? How Do They Help You Sell?

Getting a job in tech sales also offers career mobility and advancement opportunities. Sales and marketing positions rank second for the most in-demand positions, as of 2022, which means there are often many open sales roles in tech. Although most tech salespeople start as a representative, there is typically a clear career path within an organization that employees can work toward.

Now I am getting nothing and my outbound effort has lead to nothing. A sales performance management process enables you to analyze and actualize your business’s progress and move you toward success. These daily tasks also apply to IT sales, but there are a few key differences between the roles.

This involves walking customers through the features of your product and how you use them. The goal should be to show them how your platform can solve their problems with ease. • Services like cybersecurity, web hosting, data storage, and internet service can be sold both B2B and B2C as well. A company or an individual might purchase web hosting services for their business or personal needs, for instance. For instance, one company might sell computer hardware, like laptops and monitors, while another sells CRM software. Or, they might sell a combination of tech, such as computers with anti-virus software.

Start by scanning your resume for any past sales experience, even if it wasn’t the primary function of your job. Look for examples of when you built positive customer relationships or generated new business. Tech sales is all about understanding a customer’s problem and perspective, clarifying it for them and then explaining how you can help solve that issue and the value behind your product. Even if a rep isn’t familiar with gap selling, if they can showcase the ability to communicate and listen, they have a shot at the job, Jordan said.

What Is Tech Sales?

The tech sales process differs from more traditional sales industries. Reps in fields like retail or insurance primarily sell to buyers at the tail end of the sales funnel. The buyer has already made their decision, and the main difference maker is whether the rep is likable or not, Jordan said. That success doesn’t always translate to tech sales, where buyers have more choices and the deals are more complex. Others working in tech sales may focus on demonstrating their company’s product or service. This can range from a casual conversation with a client to a more formal demo on how a product works or a discussion about the ROI it’s delivered to clients in the past.

We hope this article provides the foundation you need to forge a career path in this exciting industry. Sales is the lifeblood of every business, putting the demand for sales-related jobs in high gear. On top of that, the total number of technology startups has increased by 47% since 2007, creating a growing need for capable tech sales professionals.

Different technology companies and organizations might sell varying products depending on the type of sales they work with, such as unique technological hardware and specialized computer software. Connect and network with other tech sellers to become familiar with the industry. Showcase your listening and communication skills and treat the hiring company and manager like a prospect. Research their team, product and mission, and use that information to ask questions.3.

Send a video message or audio recording to the hiring manager to stand out. While there are certainly a few challenges to overcome in technology sales, there are even more benefits. These include working with cutting edge technology, meeting talented and innovative people across a broad range of industries and having the opportunity to learn and grow with others on your team.

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